I am The Cheese ( Fore The Cheese Stands Alone ) (strike2002) wrote in 00_loners,
I am The Cheese ( Fore The Cheese Stands Alone )


Name: Ryan
Age: 20
Location: Minnesota
Occupation: Student/DJ
Where did you find us?: LJ Interest Search
So what'd you get?: Loner

I'm a loner
How many best friends do you have?: I don't believe in Best Friends....You put anyone too close and all you get is stabbed in the back

How often do you find yourself at home on Friday/Saturday nights?: I work every Friday & Saturday night...til 3am, my social life is considered persona non grata

What do you do a lot when your alone?: Listen, Write, And Otherwise Compose Music ( mostly stuff for raves ),
Read, Write, Paint, Play Video Games, Watch Movies.

Do you rely on other people often?: Not Really....

How often do you get phone calls?: Sometimes I wonder as to why I pay $50 a month for that piece of plastic and wires that doesnt ring


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