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*my loser loner application*

Name: olga
Age: 16
Location: koenigsberg
Occupation: student
Where did you find us?: lj interest search
So what'd you get?: i'll be original, so - PUNK/REBEL. but 63% loner

I'm a loner
How many best friends do you have?: few
How often do you find yourself at home on Friday/Saturday nights?: almost always if htere's no gigs that night
What do you do a lot when your alone?: writing, playing the guitar..and usual shit like music, reading, etc.
Do you rely on other people often?: it depends on people
How often do you get phone calls?: pretty often but i tend to switch off my phone

Pics l8er maybe
Post 2-8 clear pictures of yourself.
Note: This does not affect your chance of getting in.
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